About Us

I am a passionate photo stylist with over twenty years of experience in food and product photography. I love being able to collaborate with visually-focused brands and flex my creative instincts to help my clients tell their brand’s story. Every day is a fresh challenge and new beginning so my job is always exciting.

What sets me apart is my experience handling multiple styling disciplines to address the various compositional needs of a shoot. Imagine hiring a stylist that can plan the shot, design the set, shop for props, set the table as well as prepare and plate the food in an eye-catching presentation. This frees the photographers to focus on what they do best.

My work has been featured in national publications, catalogs, advertisements, brochures, on television and websites. Brands and photographers count on my vision, so I place a huge emphasis on research, planning and communication. I pride myself on my work ethic, meticulous technique and time efficiency but I always try to add an element of fun so the day seems more like play than work!

My real secret weapon and the key to my creative freedom is over-preparation. I plan ahead, do trials before a shoot and always arrive on set with multiple choices to protect the client against the unforeseen and ensure that every job runs smoothly. I make sure that everything that could go wrong, doesn’t go wrong (sorry, Murphy). I take great pride in my craft and my goal is to “wow” my clients and their audiences, regardless of product, artistic challenge, or deadline.

In addition to my styling education, I have dual degrees in marketing and management so I understand what it takes to create a photo that sells and I have the organizational skills and deadline-driven focus to carry it through.